Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Faces - 1 -


Indrani said...

Great portrait work!

Anna said...

Excellent face shot, a bit funny, lol. Anna :)

Emm said...

That is a really great shot. Lovely.

Nikos said...

Is the Baron revealed?

Missy said...

You can tell a lot about a person through there eyes. It's the first thing I notice about anyone...their eyes.

These have purpose in them. Maybe it's because of the shot, but there is a purpose behind those eyes :)

Straight ahead, not to the left or right but ahead...get the job done. LOL...eek I'm scaring myself... I'm philosophizing, I try not to do that much, well just because it's to scary lol..

Great Photo.

Baron's Life said...'re so profound it might explain how you can write so fluently on your excellent blog ...
The shot wasn't meant to scare you but if it did then it means the shot was effective.

Missy said...

Nope not scary. I scared myself by thinking to much lol.

Baron's Life said...

Nikkos you got the wronf blog
mine is:
Baron's Life!
This is a photography blog...nothing to do with the main blog

Sean said...

Nice shot Baron... would love to see it in B and W... Just a thought... :)

Baron's Life said...

Thanks I am still very new at this and learning...hopefully I learn something soon

Baron's Life said...

Thanks for the visit Anna..appreciate it much

Baron's Life said...

Emm, I am trying my new hand at it. Thanks

Baron's Life said...

The answer is no you got the wrong log site for baron's life

Baron's Life said...

Thanks for the compliment..means a lot coming from you man.
I will try to see what I can do for Black/white...interesting to see the result

A Lady's Life said...

Is this the after picture 20 years later? lol
Just kiddin.
Hope that lump on the head doesn;t hurt. :)

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